Medicaid caregivers in the home

Did you know Medicaid will pay for caregivers to come to your home? I’ll talk in another post about the resistance people have about moving to a facility that provides care (a.k.a. a nursing home), but one of the results is people will drain their resources on in-home aides (it’s an open secret that extensive in-home care costs more than a nursing home) or sometimes forego much needed care because they don’t want to move into one of “those” places they remember from the 90s. As a result, these seniors shorten their lifespan and reduce their quality of life because of the lost care. To answer this problem, each State has created a way within their Medicaid program to provide care to seniors who live in their home to get the care they need.

Every state where I’ve examined these programs limits how much they pay for these caregivers to the amount that would have been paid in a facility, but if the care you need costs less than a stay in the nursing home, Medicaid will pay. The other catch, of course, is that you must be eligible for Medicaid. This means you should properly plan so that you or your loved one is not caught unprepared. If you or a loved one is resisting much needed care because you don’t want to go to a facility. Consider the help available from Medicaid, and don’t be afraid to call or contact me today if you want to know more.

See you on the trail.

Post by Peter Harrison.