National Institute on Aging Publishes Article Regarding Long-Distance Caregiving and Sharing Duties

The National Institute on Aging recently published an article about how long-distance caregivers can support local caregivers. Highlights from the article include:

  1. Discuss and plan the division of labor before there is an emergency;

  2. Play to your strengths where possible (e.g. financially savvy people should manage bills);

  3. Know your limits; and

  4. Don’t forget to plan respites for the primary caregiver. Caregiving is exhausting work.

Having a semi-regular family meeting to discuss these issues can be a great opportunity to make sure a family stays together through the stressful times of caregiving for a family member. I’ve seen too many situations devolve when the family didn’t communicate and feelings of resentment and unfairness crept in, destroying family bonds.

The article can be found here.

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Post by Peter Harrison