Jobs for Vets

Google recently ran an ad for a new search function which aids our veterans in transitioning back to the private sector.

If you are a veteran looking for a job that uses your service skills, now you can search “jobs for veterans” on Google. Then you enter your MOS code and Google will show jobs that match your skills.

There are other organizations trying to help veterans, too. A friend of mine, Will Connell, helps run one such organization. In his own words, “Reference Point creates a network for veterans by veterans that bridges the gap created when you leave the service and helps with the continual transition back into the civilian life.” You can check them out at

Estate Planning covers all aspects of your future, not just after you’ve retired. A veteran’s service means so much to this nation, and the additional resources available to our veterans are one way a grateful nation says thank you.

If you are a veteran moving into the private sector, consider using these tools to help. You can also share this news with a veteran in your life, and send them here to learn about other issues and opportunities they may have on their estate planning path. As always, contact us if you want to talk more about your estate planning options.

See you on the trail.

Post by Peter Harrison