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What is Trailhead Estate Planning?


Trailhead Estate Planning is a space to learn about and prepare for the path you will be walking when you are planning for the future. The term “estate planning” covers a broad array of topics. It is not just about estate taxation, as so many have said to me in the past. “Estate Planning” covers all of the concerns about the future:

  • What will happen to my property after I’m gone?

  • What will happen as I age?

  • Who will make decisions on my behalf if I am unable to do so myself?

  • And for young families, “who will raise the children if something happens to both of us?”

For too many families, estate planning is experienced in a time of crisis. A family member puts off estate planning until disaster strikes, leaving their loved ones to have to scramble to put together a plan. Everyone feels lost and completely overwhelmed trying to make huge decisions under pressure, with predictably unpredictable and usually undesired results. The best way to describe it is that the family is lost in the woods at night with the wolves in the distance, hoping for the best.

I’m brought in to save many a family in this kind of situation, crashing through the brush (fedora and bullwhip optional) with a floodlight, airhorn, and GPS to get the family as close to back on track as can be done. It's great to be the bearer of hope when your loved one is in crisis, but I would've preferred to meet you at the trailhead to guide you through the sights and around those briar patches. That’s why I created Trailhead Estate Planning.

If you have questions, please feel free to learn more about estate planning in the blog, and send me your question for a chance to hear an answer in the next post. If you are ready to set out on the trail and want to have a guide to show you the way, schedule an appointment today.


Areas of Practice

Trailhead Estate Planning offers services in:

Estate Planning

Elder Law

Special Needs


How We can help

Here at Trailhead Estate Planning, I can

  • Analyze your situation,

  • Answer your questions,

  • Help you create your estate plan (or review your existing plan), and

  • Assist your family in the execution of your plan and administration of your estate.

I want to help answer questions you may have and give you the guidance and direction that will let you undertake your estate planning journey with confidence.

If you have questions or are ready to begin, please get in touch with the “contact us” button below.

Praise for Trailhead Estate PLanning:

When we made our last will, our oldest child was 5 and our main concern was “Who will keep the kids if something happens to us?” Now that our oldest is 41, he really doesn’t need Aunt Betsy to take care of him! So, we realized we needed a new will for our current situation.

Peter Harrison knew more about what we needed than we did. He set up a will and a trust including medical and financial features. He came to our house and met with our children (all adults) and us to answer all questions and concerns. He was available to answer all questions on 401k and banking that we had later. We value his help and suggestions and recommend him highly.
— RJ and Janet